DIY: picnic basket

Hello loveliest! ❤

There’s a basket in my closet I use for grocery shopping or for picnic adventures. For the picnic part of my basket I always wanted to style it pretty. And so I did. 🙂

Here’s what the basket looked like „before“:

Boring, right? Looks much cuter with the fabric.

Step one: Decide on what fabric you want to use. It’s been a tough choice but I think I made the right one 🙂

Second, place your basket on your fabric and trace the outlines of the basket onto it. Leave 1 cm for sewing.

Now, measure the inside of your basket tot 1/3 of the outside. Cut a strip of fabric in this size.

Start lining the inside of your fabric and use pins to hold everything in place. The bottom of your basket is not covered.

When it comes to the handles of the basket, simply cut upwards.

Your basket will loon something like this right now.

You now want to fold the „outside“-strap of your fabrics and put a ribbon inside – from handle to handle.

Sew all the parts together and tie a knot between each handle.




Well, now I can clearly imagine having a picnic near the sea with all the deliciousness stored in this cute basket! ❤

Happy Crafting, friends!




Hallo, ihr Liebsten!
Dienstag ist in dieser Woche offizieller DIY Tag hier bei mir 🙂 Den Picnic-Korb dort oben habe ich gestern nach der Arbeit (ich war früh Zuhause! YAY!) umgestaltet, er war mir doch etwas zu langweilig. Die Schritte erklären sich, denke ich, von selbst.  Mit eurem Lieblingsstoff, schönen Bändern und etwas Geduld (und vielen Stecknadeln und eurer Nähmaschine) wird auch euer Korb zum Blickfang!












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  2. At what point is the fabric that goes on the bottom sown in? And are the pins just holding the fabric together or should they be penetrating the basket?

  3. Oh thanks. That’s where I usually buy my fabric as well but somehow I must have missed that cute cupcake fabric. =)

  4. Such a cute idea. I love the fabric! And it’s great that it’s removable so you can still use the basket for other purposes – or make several linings so you can make the basket fit the season or your outfit! haha

  5. Wirklich schön! Aber leider gehe ich so selten picknicken und wenn dann verstaue ich doch alles im Rucksack aus Angst, es könnte was rausfallen 😦

    Liebe Grüße

  6. It’s adorable. I love this fabric. I wanted some since I saw it on your blog for the first time. Where did you get it?

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