Hey lovelies!

I just stumbled upon this picture:

…and had to smile. Not only because I always felt like grandmas need to be there for their grandchildren to teach them how to bake and to cook delicious meals. 🙂 But also because I want to become this kind of granny one day! I want to be old, with long grey hair, crocheting and knitting and sewing pretty things for my grandchildren. Baking for them (and with them) and teach them everything I know. Everything. And I want them to look at me as the great woman who manages to still be cool but also is very „retro“ and „vintage“ with her homebaked goods and selfmade couture! HA! 🙂

I am trying to do everything I can to make this vision of myself in the future true. This will be a fun journey and I am so excited!

And you? What do you picture yourself like as a grandma or grandpa?




3 Gedanken zu “Future.

  1. I want to have long white hair, braided to the side. My grandma is the coolest lady ever, so I want to be like her. She taught me how to „boogie“!

  2. i do not want to have children but i hope to be happy and fullfilled when i am older. curling up with my husband and still holding hands

  3. I hope I am the same kind of grandparent. I want to be the kind that embraces my grandchildren, no matter how they turn out. I don’t want to be the kind that shakes my head in disappointment, telling them that there is no hope for their generation. I want to be happy they are who they are and help encourage their original selves. Hopefully, I can help in influencing them enough that they appreciate the things of the past as well that I have loved for years. 🙂

    This picture is adorable and it makes me miss my Grandma and Nana so much!

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