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Happy Monday, lovelies!

A while ago some of you asked about my current read. So I thought it would be sweet to share what I am reading right now:

I am currently enjoying  Before I Go To Sleep (german title „Ich. Darf. Nicht. Schlafen.„) by S.J. Watson and I have to tell you – even though I have only started reading it – it’s a great book!

The plot:

One day, Christine wakes up and does not know where she’s at or how she got there. There even is an old man next to her she doesn’t know! When she walks to the bathroom there are post-it-notes and pictures telling her she’s 45 right now, married and suffers amnesia.

(I asked a friend of mine who wants to become a doctor… he said this kind of amnesia really exists!)

So she’s older and married now and should really trust her husband, right?! But what if you can’t trust the one you’re with? She writes notes in her diary every day. And that’s what makes the story really „Thriller“-like. I don’t want to tell you too much but it’s really fascinating!

And it’s the first „Thriller“ I ever bought. Usually I am scared so easily. But this time the plot and recommendations of this book really made me want to read it. And I seriously don’t regret buying it.

What are you currently reading?!



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  1. This book sounds gripping. I might put it on my list of must-reads. Unfortunately, I’m too busy to do any reading right now, but after December 1st I have a big list of books I want to cathc up on.

  2. wow, sounds good. will put this on my wishlist. (:
    i’m reading Michael Endes „Momo“ and I enjoy it so much. last time I read it I was still a child… i love bringing childhood books back. even if I don’t really remember the story it feels familiar.

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