Just a thought.



A child gave me a painting today. She made it especially for me. It was one of these moments…. That little girl just smiled and said „For you“ and I thought, this was the prettiest thing someone (who I don’t know in like… forever) ever made for me.

Usually I don’t get any presents at my job. You  know, working at the children care centre / social services I am not always welcome at the homes of other people and sometimes I have to decide that their children need to grow up elsewhere. It’s hard. Seriously. But someone needs to do it. And I was THIS close to quitting. I even applied for other jobs. But then I decided I wanted to stay. Next year I will hopefully switch to another department. I am SO crossing my fingers but my boss somehow promised to me and I know she won’t break her promise.

But a child gave me a painting today. Something she made especially for me. And even though there’s all this stress in my daily worklife and all these horrible stories I get to hear, the pain I am now used to carry around…

this made my day.


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  1. Oh that’s just lovely. Thank you for sharing. Just reading something sweet like that made my day already and it’s a great way to start a morning. So thank you.

  2. So beautiful, thanks for sharing. I work with teenagers and I think it’s really hard sometimes. You go into this kind of job because you love the people and then there are really rarely those moments of reward, where it all seems worthwhile and the hard work pays off.

    These children are lucky to have you in a situation where for them there is so much confusion and pain. Hang in there, you’re making a dark corner of the world that bit more colourful.

  3. that’s so sweet, katja, it just melts my heart! your job must be so tough, i can’t even imagine, but i *can* imagine how much something like that makes it worth it ❤ love love love! ❤

  4. Ja, ich verstehe voll und ganz, was du meinst. Ich stelle mir das unheimlich schwer vor und sehe mich deshalb in meiner Zukunft eher in anderen Bereichen- wobei man ja nie weiß, wo der Weg einen hinführt. Und der Spruch ist so unheimlich wahr! Auf jeden Fall wünsche ich dir ganz viel Kraft für deine weitere Arbeit!

    Liebe Grüße

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