Haha, yep, again another Giveaway from me to you!

And this time it’s very personalized. JUST for the one and only lucky winner! 🙂

Remember these drawings I made?

I made a few of my favorite bloggers. And I thought maybe you’d love to have one of yourself to hang on your walls? If your answer is YES – all you have to do is add my blog to your faves (google reader, bloglovin or any other rss reader) and leave a comment in the comment section including your email address (the standard comment form will ask for your email address, that’s fine for me)!

Simple? Yes, indeed.

This Giveaway is open until next Wednesday, November 16 and I will let you know who won on November 17! 🙂

Good luck, my friends!

33 Gedanken zu “Giveaway!

  1. Oh, this is fun! I’d love to have one of those digital paintings!!! They’re so cute! 🙂

    I follow you on GFC and Bloglovin‘ 🙂

  2. Your drawings are so cute! You have a really unique style1
    I’m following your blog through Bloglovin‘, I’ve added you to my Google Reader and I’m also a subscriber via e-mail. I’m a fan for sure! 😉

  3. Ich bin dir immer wieder dankbar für deinen Blog. Vor allem für die vielen gesammelten DIY. Damit habe ich schon einige glücklich gemacht. Und mich würdest du noch glücklicher machen, wenn ich gewinne 🙂

  4. I love seeing all the cuteness you post & would love to have one of these pictures to put in my new home. Especially since I just but my hair into a pixie cut and would love to have a drawing like this to commemorate the new look! I ❤ your style!

  5. Eeeeeeeee I would love love LOVE one of these!!! You’re so talented, Katja!!

    I’ve been following your blog for… well over a year! 🙂

  6. I know I already won a giveaway (and I’m looking forward to put on the beanie you made for me this winter again) but I like this giveaway too much!!
    Oh and I hope you will be choosing the winner in November, not in September, haha just kidding, I know you meant November =)
    Have a great Sunday Katja and a nice start of the week!


  7. Hui, bei so einem schönen Giveaway melde ich mich auch mal.
    Die Bilder sind einfach zu niedlich. Ich bin erst letztens auf deinen Blog gestoßen und ich bin immer wieder begeistert 🙂 Mach weiter so
    Liebe Grüße Laura

  8. wow i never would have heard of bloglovin without this post! so i signed up and it’s cool! anyway i think the email associated with my wordpress is different from the one i used, so just in case the one i used is turtleflyvi [at] gmail [dot] com =) those are so super cute katja!!

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