DIY week: a sneak peek.

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

With the DIY week ahead I thought I should share a sneak peek what you’ll be expecting:

Let’s create a very cute headband together!

And fancy napkin rings to decorate your christmas dinner table!


All of the projects waiting for you are made from supplies you usually should have around your house – so no need to rob the next craft store 🙂


Would be great crafting together with all of you!





Da die DIY-Woche bevorsteht, dachte ich, ich verrate schonmal einige Projekte. 🙂 Oben seht ihr also Sneak-Peeks für ein Headband und Serviettenringe. Und nur dass ihr’s wisst: Ihr müsst nicht den nächsten Bastelladen überfallen, die meisten Materialien, die ihr benötigt, werdet ihr wahrscheinlich sowieso im Haus haben! 

5 Gedanken zu “DIY week: a sneak peek.

  1. By the way, Katja, I included you in the latest post on my page today – „Happy Time“. I hope I represented you well! 🙂

  2. Wow! You sure do have a lot of crafty ideas 🙂 Would you mind lending me a little bit of that awesome inspiration that seems to overflow in your mind?
    Haha just kidding, but seriously – where do you get all these great ideas? I love all the stuff you make, especially that adorable new embroidered necklace. Precious!
    Oh, and the little crochet hat pattern of yours is a definite favorite of mine. I made one for myself, and as a result I now have to make three more for my friends‘ Christmas presents… We all love the hat so much!
    So thank you, dearie!

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