DIY week: advent calendar tutorial.

Happy beginning of DIY week, lovelies!

All the posts for this week have been a loooot of work and be sure to know it took me a few hours from the idea to the process to posting all my instructions.  I hope you will like my DIY ideas and maybe the following 7 days will help you get in a festive mood. For me it worked 🙂

And you can’t start a christmas themed DIY week without some christmas themed craft, right? So… let’s make an advent calendar together!

(Isn’t it cute?)

Supplies needed:

(draw the stocking pattern yourself, it’s pretty easy!)

Ok,… first, you need to do aaaaallll the cutting. It’s hard, I can tell. Cut 2 felt-stockings and sew them together (leaving the top side open). Also add a ribbon as a hanger. If you have a star puncher, punch 24 stars. I only have a butterfly one but they worked as well. HA! Draw numbers on the stars (or whatever you choose) and glue them to the stockings. Now, you might take a wooden stick or a branch to hang the stockings. Stuff the stockings with cute little gifts (such as a chocolate bar) and hang them in your appartment. Such a cute christmas tradition!



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  1. Die sind so süß! Darf ich ein Bild davon auf meinem Blog zeigen? Mit Verlinkung zu deinem Blog. Will einen Sammelpost machen.

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