DIY week: Christmas gift guide.

Hello friends!

This week I’ll not only share pretty pretty DIY instructions but also gift guides for your family and friends. Pretty things you could purchase online. That’s my most favorite way to buy christmas presents, by the way ❤

Ok, so let’s start with the perfect gifts for your boyfriend! (Oh, and be warned: my boyfriend is very nerdy and so are his gifts)

1. iPhone Case for the nerdy mister // 2. Panda tee // 3. Fish eye lens for the iPhone // 4. MacBook Pro Case // 5.Kindle
// 6. Civet Coffee (yeah, it’s coffee that has been pooped out ^^) // 7. Super Hero Glasses // 8. Minecraft Pickaxe // 9. Telescope


I have already decided what I will buy the mister. But you know, I can’t tell because he reads my blog and I know he’s more than curious because my gifts are always the best in his opinion ❤


So… I hope this cute little list inspired you to find the right gift for the one you love the most!




4 Gedanken zu “DIY week: Christmas gift guide.

  1. haha, i love the superhero glasses.. i bet my boyfriend would love them too. (:
    like your christmas-week!
    have a nice evening (:

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