DIY week: Christmas Card inspiration.

This year, the Mr. and me want to create our own – personalized – christmas cards. I was recently browsing Pinterest for some inspiration and here’s what I loved:


Sharing a scarf would be cute.

I also like this colour scheme. ❤

And the idea of that makes me smile.

So cute!

And – yep – I am crazy about this card idea! HAHA! 🙂

But my two favorite ideas:

Christmas lights. I love christmas lights!

And this is just sooooooooo adorable! I think this will most likely be our inspiration this year.

Eeeeek! I am so excited!

Oh, and if you’re one lucky person who receives many christmas cards, – here are a couple christmas cards hanging ideas:

Both clever and stylish, right?!

Do you make christmas cards?



6 Gedanken zu “DIY week: Christmas Card inspiration.

  1. i’ve always done the photo christmas card, attaching the physical picture to the card. card pre-bought and boxed. this year, i plan to construct them from scratch! if you have any recommendations on paper, then i would appreciate that greatly! x

  2. oh the card of the „idlewilds“ is so wonderful!
    i really like that one. and yes, i made some christmas cards.
    but i made some illustrations instead of photos.
    you can see them on my blog! 🙂
    xo julia

  3. Love those!
    I am making my own Christmas card again this year (hop over to my blog and sign up to get a Christmas card from me, too :))…. but we won’t be doing photo cards this year…..

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