DIY week: Christmas gift guide.

A very happy Wednesday, lovelies!

I don’t know about you but if I had to name a person for  whom is really hard to pick a present… it’s my dad. (You can literally see me shaking my head right now because I am still wondering what I might bring home as a present for him this christmas)

He is interested in all of the things a handyman is interested in. Wood, saws, building things. And well, what’s there to give a man who already has everything he needs? Well,… I tried to find a few things he might love:

1. Cufflinks // 2. Mug // 3. „My Dad“ book // 4. A framed picture of me // 5. Personalized silver guitar pick // 6. Poster // 7. Wine barrel side cabinet

I think this year I’ll go with the Poster and the framed picture. I’ll definitely keep the cufflinks in mind for when I get married. I love the idea ❤


Lots of love,



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