DIY week: Napkin rings tutorial.

Hi there again!

Are you having fun so far? Because… I do. 🙂

The next tutorial is one of my favorite ones because it is SO simple. Seriously. Look:

Create this cute little napkin rings to make your christmas party a fancy get-together ❤

Most of the supplies you’ll need will most likely already be in your home. HA! Simple. I said so. 🙂 (Oh, and I forgot to include yarn in the supplies – picture. So please think of yarn!)

First, cut the toilet paper roll in 3 parts. That’s a good size for a napkin ring. Wrap yarn around the toilet paper roll to make it look like an actual napkin ring. Now, cut a heart from cardstock and add a thick coating of glue. Now dip it in the glitter and…. adhere the finished heart to the ring. DONE. Yep, that’s the whole secret.



Hope you’ll host a pretty dinner party to use these napkin rings! And if you do… feel free to send me a photograph.




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