DIY week: Christmas gift guide.

Hi there again and happy Thursday!

First of all – I hope you’re all having as much fun as I do! This DIY week has been scheduled last week (during my week off) and I have been SO excited if you lovelies would enjoy my DIYs and decorative ideas and advices. I loved creating every single part and – yes! – I am very thankful to have you guys around. I know it sounds weird but this blog is hard work (and I mean – actual WORK) and I love when it pays off. 🙂 Thank you everyone!

So todays‘ gift guide is for the best friend in life. Usually my best friend would be a boy I know from 5th grade. Unfortunately I haven’t seen him in almost 2 years. It makes me sad but we both have different lives now and live almost 6 hours apart from each other. The fun fact is – we do have the same jobs. He works at the Social Services in his town and so do I here. I get a bit teary eyed when I think of him and what we used to call our friendship. We used to hang out every single day and we also played in a band together. (Yep, I used to sing in a band. I guess I really wasn’t good at all. But it was still fun!) Somehow I think I want to call him now. Maybe we can get back together as friends.

Anyways… these days I have realized there’s one special person I can truly call a friend around here. You know, I moved here 8 years ago and eversince have been searching for a „real“ friend. The one who supports you, the one who holds your hand no matter what. The one to laugh with and cry with. And through most of these years this lady has been by my side. And although we both had our „bad times“ we stuck together. That’s totally worth it and that’s what I call friendship. And yes, I thought of her when I created this list:

1. Pillow // 2. Friend necklace // 3. Notebook // 4. Camera // 5. Where the wild things are DVD// 6. A Very She & Him Christmas // 7. Kate Spade Beautycase // 8. Cozy slippers


And what would your bff like for christmas?!




3 Gedanken zu “DIY week: Christmas gift guide.

  1. Hi Katja! I really like your blog and I love your diy ideas, so thank your for this special week and for sharing all the inspiration with us!
    You should definitely try to bring back to life your special frientship with that guy! Send him a christmas card or present and keep your contact up via e-mail or phone or even letters. It’s not the same as seeing each other every day, but it’s still a good way of keeping a friendship.
    Wishing you a lovely first advent-weekend!


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