DIY week: guest post by Jessica.

Happy Thursday again, loves ❤

For this DIY week I wanted to include a few guest posts from lovely crafty people out there. And once again I realized how many german ladies read my blog. Eeeeek! That’s great! And since I am always falling in love with the cutest stuff… I am sharing two gorgeous tutorials this week. And the first one is from the inspiring Jessica from Das Maedchen mit dem Farbtopf (which means „the girl with the paint pot“). Please check her blog, it’s a cute one! (of course!)


Pretty up your fridge magnets



Hey folks!


My name’s Jessica and I’m 21 years old. I’ve followed this and some other crafty blogs for nearly a year and to be honest, they keep me inspired. I can get easily obsessed with a DIY-idea and Katja has the talent to always share the DIY’s that I want to re-do after I saw the first picture J

When Katja mentioned, that she’d like to share some guestposts, I totally wanted to be in. So, after I came up with a cute idea, I sent Katja an email. She’s so nice 🙂 and she was just as much excited as I am – her because of the DIY-idea, me because I follow Katja’s blog pretty much a while and I love her tutorials AND it’s really thrilling me to post a guest-DIY here for you guys. Unfortunately, my camera-SD-card-holder died the day I prepared this tutorial, so I had to take pictures with my cell phone. I hope you like it anyways!


What you’ll need for this:






-yarn / fabric / felt / paint / etc.

-décor (buttons, grannysquares, bows, rosebuds, etc.)


Step 1: Find some fridge magnets you want to prettify. You can also make your own magnets by using thicker cardboard and magnets (you can get these things in craft stores or in the hardware store). Since I’ve had some not-so-pretty magnets at home, that I received by attempting a trnd-Pizza-project, I decided to use these.


Step 2: Get some ideas, how you can make these magnets prettier. There are several possibilities, it just depends on what techniques or materials you want to use and overall your taste. I love all kind of cute stuff, such as bows, rosebuds / flowers in general, buttons and of course grannysquares! 🙂


Step 3: Now we’re starting to get crafty: cover the front of the magnets. You can use felt, fabrics, laces, you can even paint it over. Do whatever you want and like.


Step 4: Pretty up those covered magnets! The possibilities are nearly endless, it’s a shame, I didn’t have more magnets to prettify.

You can find the tutorials for the techniques that I used here:

Rosebuds: Tutorial here

Crocheted Bow (you can also use this technique with fabric. It’s actually what I did^^): Tutorial here

Grannysquares: Tutorial here




As I already mentioned: lots of possibilities:



For the grannysquares I used pretty thin yarn that you can also use for flowercrocheting. The needle size was 2.5. The squares got a little bigger than the actual magnets, but I like it anyway. I could have stopped after the second row, but the pattern just looks unfinished then and a little bit like a Swiss cross. Not-so-pretty everafter 😉


That’s it, I hope, you got in a crafty mood and are already redesigning your fridge magnets. Let me know, what you thought about it J

Oh and if you’ve done some pretty-up’s: shoooow!


Have a lovely day!





Thank you for this cute tutorial, Jessy! ❤



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