DIY week: Christmas gift guide.

I’ve always felt like the whole christmas-thing was made for kids. I love to think of what our christmas will look like once there are kiddos around. Oh, I sure hope to make it a wonderland for them! 🙂

And maybe this little gift guide helps making this christmas already great:

1. Mug // 2. Pullover // 3. Mobile // 4. DIY Rabbit // 5. Owl Snuggle Sack  // 6. Cardigan // 7. Dress // 8. Booties // 9. Cloud Pillow

Eeeek, I am drooling over all of these items and – yes, I’ll say it! – I can’t wait to have a kiddo-christmas! 🙂


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  1. Ich hätte gerne die sieben in Erwachsenengröße, obwohl nein, ein große Kindergröße reicht eigentlich für mich :)!

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