DIY week: snowman tutorial.

Happy friday, lovelies!

I like snowmen. I really do. I love building them from snow but I also love crafting them. 🙂 And today I want to share how to create cute snowmen from cheap supplies:

(yeah, I know… that’s NO tooth pick in the picture ^^ But just because there were no tooth picks in our house at that time.)

First, take the smaller styrofoam ball and add the tooth pick. Then, adhere glue. A thick layer of it all over the ball. Dip the ball into your bowl of styrofoam and let dry. Then, add 2 black pins for the eyes. Repeat this step for the body as well and add 3 red (or green or yellow…) pins. You might want to add a „scarf“ from some ribbon. And that’s it! YAY! 🙂

Want to see what I used my snowmen for?

They’re perfect for a cute and easy christmas decoration. Maybe a wreath ❤


Happy crafting!




13 Gedanken zu “DIY week: snowman tutorial.

  1. Barbara Ackerman schreibt:

    Stick the tip of a tooth pick into say orange paint. Let it dry then cut off the tip. This will give you an orange nose. I would use a tiny dot of glue to attach to the face. Love the snowmen.

  2. Lissa schreibt:

    what fake snow do you use? The only kind I could find was InstaSnow and you hydrate it with water. I did that and they looked awesome until it dried and then it just went back to the dehydrated crystals and all patchy. Any suggestions?

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