On my wishlist.

Happy thursday, loves!

Awwwww, I am really happy this week is almost over. Mostly because I will finally go see „Breaking dawn“ with the bestie aaaaand spend some time at a special christmas market with my Mister ❤

I’ve had some trouble finding christmas wishes for myself these days. I could definitely wish for hundreds of dresses from modcloth – but taxes are way too high and I also wouldn’t really simply want dresses for christmas 🙂

Browsing amazon I found a cute little something to wish for:

This iPhone Cover designed by Orla Kiely. Isn’t it pretty?! And my iPhone needs a new outfit. Pretty bad! Sooooo,…. what do you wish for this christmas?!




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  1. so i have a small confession. there are about 5 reasons why i want an iphone…want to know 2 of them?
    1) cute iphone covers…there’s SO many to choose from
    2) for the camera and cool camera apps
    haha, kind of an expensive phone for those 2 things but i have a few other reasons too, not very good ones haha but i still want one!

    i bought a shower curtain today that has an orla kiely’esque print to it like this one!

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