DIY: How to build a light ball.

I love lights. Candles, christmas lights, lamps in general. Light makes me very very happy.

So this DIY has only been a question about WHEN – because we all knew this was about to happen 😉 Here’s a DIY for the perfect wintery decoration:

It’s a fancy decoration for your home and SO sweet! – sigh –

So… what do we need?!

You can find all these items in a craft store or order them online.

It is very important that there’s a hole in the acrylic ball!!!! You can buy them with or without a hole so please make sure you get the one with the hole 🙂

First, remove the hook with pilers. Then – through the hole – insert the LED christmas lights. Close the ball. Carefully rip the kozo paper in small pieces. And now, add a layer of varnish to the ball. Also add the kozo paper straps. Apply another layer of varnish and let dry…

After waiting a (short) while you’ll have to turn on the christmas lights and…


Happy crafting, lovelies!



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