How to stay inspired.

Happy friday, friends!

Well… staying inspired is the hardest thing if you ask me. I am easily inspired and here’s how:

1. Get to know the Online World.

Most of you are like me and looooove the internet. I seriously do. I could also exist without it, no doubt about that. But it can be very useful (for me) when it comes to inspiration.


I guess all of you know Pinterest. But do you know Craftgawker?! I LOVE it!!!!!! It’s also available as an iPhone app and as soon as I installed it… I was addicted. I love using it as an inspiration tool. Sometimes simply browsing though other peoples‘ crafty ideas makes you want to start right away and create something cool. I also use a Paint App on my Phone so I can sketch some ideas when there’s no journal around. Very helpful!

2. Use a journal.

I bought a Moleskine journal once and I have to tell you: I use it to draw my ideas or write them down. I highly recommend this!


3. Talk to kids.

Children do have a great ammount of fantasy! And it’s very inspiring spending time with the little ones talking or playing or just watching them. It inspires me over and over again.


4. Create a place that inspires.

I get the best ideas just sitting in my craft room, looking around – wondering what to do.


5. Challenge yourself.

Try something else! Stretch your boundaries and see if you’re capable of other things. I never ever thought I could learn how to sew. But I did. I never thought needle felting was easy. But it worked. I never ever believed I would be the way I am now. But I am. 🙂 So just try something different and please (!) don’t feel bad if it doesn’t work out right away. Art is not about perfection – it’s about satisfaction. And that’s what makes me want to be creative all the time ❤


6. Share.

That’s the best thing about creativity. Share your work. Make pretty gifts for friends! I loooove when my friends smile big time when they receive a cute handmade present. That’s the best – and most motivating – thing about all that crafty creaziness!


How do you stay inspired?!



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  1. You are so right but I don’t think handmade presents will be very appreciated around here so I don’t even dare give them. Sad, but true. I do love Moleskin journals though 🙂

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