DIY: christmas garland

Happy Sunday, loves!

Christmas eve is nearly here and I am totally in decoration mood. And here’s one of the cute little decoration ideas around our house this year:

This holiday garland is made from modelling clay. It’s available in most craft stores and it will air dry. All the supplies you’ll need are easy peasy to find!


Well… once you’ve grabbed all your supplies – begin crafting!

First, roll out the modelling clay. And then, with you cookie cutter, cut little mooses.

They are the cutest!

With a toothpick, add two holes per moose. They will be needed to pull the twine/paper string through. Make sure the holes go right through both sides!

And now – the hardest part – let dry! I waited til the next morning to make sure the clay was really, really, really dry.

Pull the twine through the holes to create a garland.

And now, decorate the holiday garland the way you want to!

It’s SO easy, right?

I also made a little christmas figurine with my gingerbread man cookie cutters!

Cute, hum?

I combined both crafty ideas to create a lovely holiday wreath. It’s now making our kitchen festive ❤


Happy Crafting – can’t wait to see what you come up with!




6 Gedanken zu “DIY: christmas garland

  1. I really love that moose.

    I tried to find such a cookiecutter, but unfortunately they don’t have it in the Netherlands. And I cannot find it on the internet. Such a pitty because this is a really great idea!

  2. Oh, we used to make Christmas ornaments like that when I was quite small. Mine had actual shapes, my little sister’s can safely be called modern art 😉 We later painted them gold in an irregular way so they actually looked quite fancy. Most of them have broken by now but some of them are still around and by now over 15 years old! They make me smile every time I find one in the box with all the ornaments.


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