I heart yous – Monday

Hello friends!

Yeah, right. The I ❤ yous posts are officially back. This one is inspired by… guess what?! Christmas! (Surprise, surprise!) I know, I know. Let’s not waste another minute and see what I’ve found this week:


1. I ❤ you, ornament DIY!

This is a very impressive and easy DIY. And that kind of DIYs are the best!

2. I ❤ you, christmas inspired cake.

Excuse me… but this is perfection, right?!

3. I ❤ you, backyard lanterns.

4. I ❤ you, christmas portraits.

I already shot my official christmas picture – without the boy because I needed it for my christmas cards… but I LOVE this idea!

5. I ❤ you, christmas wreath.

Because a) it blinks and b) it’s just SO cool!

6. I ❤ you, christmas dogs.

Pretty cool – don’t you think?

7. I ❤ you, christmas decoration!

I always choose pretty over kitchy when it comes to christmas. And this is SO pretty!

Hope you’re already in the christmas mood? If not… this might help you feeling the christmas spirit:


Falalalala, love yous!