Food Blogs I read.

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!

Tomorrow I will be off to spend christmas with my parents. They live 400 km away from here and that makes it always special 🙂

But before I leave I wanted to tell you about my favorite food blogs! I am so inspired by these blogs ❤ Every single day. I think there’s nothing better than spending hours browsing through fantastic recipes. Look:

1. Green Kitchen Stories

I’ve tried this recipe today. And I LOVED it. And the Mr. also loved it. That blog is very pretty when it comes to photographs. Also there are SO many recipes ❤ The bloggers, Luise and David, are very talented and their photographs are to die for! As well as their recipes. They are all vegetarian recipes and you might also find a few vegan recipes. This blog has become one of my favorites.

2. Roost.

This blog is kind of new to me but I am also truly in love with the photographs and delicious recipes.


3. Ohhh …. Mhhh….

A german food blog which is actually very pretty and useful. Mostly you’ll find sweet recipes for cakes, cupcakes and other sweet stuff.

4. What Katie ate.

I don’t know what I love more about this blog: the recipes or the overwhelming pretty photographs?! Guess it’s 50 : 50! I would love to try aaaaaaaaaaall the recipes because they all look so so yummy!


5. My new roots.

Oh my. Who doesn’t know „My new roots“ yet?! I feel like it has been all over the internet these days…. 🙂 Anyways…. it’s a very healthy blog and I love that along with the recipes you get to know interesting facts about the ingredients! I am such a smart girl right now…

Do you know any special food blogs?! If you do, please share!


Lots of love,


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