Gift tags for free!

Hello everyone!

While I am away for some christmas-family-time I’ll be sharing some DIY ideas and cute web finds so you won’t get bored. HA! 🙂
Are you using gift tags for your presents?! I mostly don’t but this year it will be different. If you use gift tags too – here are a few free printables and inspirations for you:

Bloesem Kids offers these pretty pretty gift tags. Aren’t they cute?!

And this gorgeous Jumbo gift tag is from EatDrinkChic. (One of my favorite blogs, by the way!)

These are kind of a classic (because they were originally uploaded in 2009!) but I still adore these gift tags from Creature Comforts Blog!

Mayi Carles offers these cute gift tags (they are actually a valentine’s gift tag… but I am pretty sure you could use them for christmas presents as well). I am already in trouble because I can’t decide which gift tags to choose!

These gift tags from Arian Armstrong are absolutely adorable. Eeeeeek!

How about some classy gift tags from Blush Printables?!

Or these from EatDrinkChic?

Or maybe you have fallen for those gift tags from TheBlackApple?

Me, I think I’ll choose these knitting inspired gift tags from EatDrinkChic (I told you I like this blog ^^)!


So… which one would you choose?!




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