Christmas in Germany.


Happy Tuesday, friends! (Only one more day until I’ll have to get back to work….)

Some of you asked me about christmas traditions in Germany and I thought it would be time to write about what christmas is like here.

I guess each and every family celebrates christmas in a different way but here’s what I know about traditions (please note we are not a very religious family… Not that we don’t believe in anything!)


Christmas here usually means a month of Christmas Markets! In most „big“ cities, the markets start at the end of November and end the night before christmas. I love going to Christmas Markets because it basically is an everyday fairground adventure where you eat german Bratwurst and cotton candy (and if you read my blog for a while you know I LOVE cotton candy!). But I also love Christmas Markets because of the festive mood they put me in. All those lights and smiling children. This year we unfortunately didn’t make it to the Christmas Market because everytime we wanted to go it rained. Last year we went a couple of times and it has been a snowy wonderland. Snowy and frosty times are the best when it comes to Christmas markets!

December 6 means: NIKOLAUSTAG! (St. Nicholas‘ Day!) The night before St. Nicholas‘ Day, we all put out a cleaned boot and the next morning we’ll find chocolates and little stocking stuffers in there. It has been my favorite tradition when I was a child. My parents still send me a package for St. Nicholas‘ Day. 🙂 I think it’s a cute tradition for the little ones (also for the grown!) to help them through counting the days until Santa arrives.

Christmas time is also for baking lots of cookies and fruit loafs.

Also it’s the time for spending lots of money (and nerves) on christmas gifts. I usually like to go shopping but I don’t like it around christmas time. Why?! Because everything is sooooooo overcrowded. It makes me mad! So I mostly order things online and the post(wo-)man visits pretty often during that time.

As you might know already – the boy and I spend each christmas apart. I know it sounds crazy bot none of us wants to leave their parents alone for christmas. And since my parents own two dogs and a cat they can’t come here… So I take the train and visit them. My parents and I like to play card games and watch christmas movies before December 24 arrives. That’s the big day!

It starts with my dad decorating the tree.

The is the tree the boy and I decorated a few days before I left. It’s all red and golden/silver. I like all the „funky“ kind of christmas trees I see on Instagram and on other blogs. But we always go for the classic green tree. I love traditions – you can tell!

But since it’s still my tree there would be something missing without owls and glittering mushrooms and apples. 🙂

After decorating the tree there’s usually a walk outside in the snow but this year we had to skip that part because there was rain. Again.
After lunch and some mor board / card games… it will be 6 PM and Santa arrives! For my family it means my parents tell me to go to my room upstairs (even if I am 27 years old now ^^) and wait until the christmas music will sound from downstairs.  When I hear that sound I come downstairs and everything in the living room is lighted by candles and you can hear christmas music in the background. The christmas tree looks pretty and there are presents under the tree. We exchange presents one at a time and my dad usually sheds a tear or two. So do I. So does my mom. We’re emotional. Always.

After all the presents have been exchanged and tears have dried we eat potato salad and Sausages and have some chatty time. And watch a christmas movie. Another christmas tradition is watching Loriot. I don’t know if you know him…. but he’s a very classy comedian and there’s a short play about typical german christmas he created. It’s very old but we are watching it each and every christmas. SO FUN! (Unfortunately I couldn’t find an english version…. check YouTube for the german one.)

On the 2 following christmas days we eat festive meals and visit family. I usually come back to the boy and our cat on the 25th because here we celebrate my second christmas which is basically the same as the first 🙂

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. Everyting is so cozy and warm and people are nice and sweet. I like bringing gifts with me and make other people happy. Also I love receiving gifts. Of course.

But mostly I like christmas because children love this time of secrets and stories. I love the lights and as far as there is snow – I love snow.

How do you spend christmas?!




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  1. OMG, Katja…. I guess there are very typical Christmas traditions, because most of YOUR Christmas sounds like the Christmas I know from home (we just don’t do the potato salad and sausage dinner).

    And I LOVE Loriot. His Christmas play is legendary! 🙂 „Kinder, was ist das gemütlich“. Hehe 🙂

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