Healthy living: RAW Avocado wraps

Hello there again!

One of my big 2012 goals is to start eating more healthy. You all know I love cooking and baking. But I mostly love baking cookies and that’s too bad. I might have gained a pound or three. (BOOOH!)

So today I want to introduce you to a new feature on my blog:

This feature includes pretty awesome recipes I am trying to include in my daily life. I will share great recipes and inspirational books or blogs here to help me taking this challenge serious.

You will find RAW, VEGGIE, VEGAN and other HEALTHY (might include meat) recipes that I tried and find delicious.

For today… let’s start with a RAW recipe. If you’re not familiar with RAW „cooking“, you should try this blog or this book to find out more. You will LOVE the idea of eating healthy and „clean“ stuff all the time. I couldn’t live on RAW diet all the time but I promised myself to try these kind of recipes more often!

I would love to introduce you to a raw delicious snack:

The avocado wrap.

I got the recipe from this book and enjoyed it pretty much.

As you can see there is no bread involved. I have to admit I am quite the bread lover (I even make my own bread) and I could never eat such a wrap as a main dish. But I am very open for snacks like this.

The best thing about eating raw?! HA! The colours. I LOVE the colours.

So here’s the recipe:

Put the cabbage leaves beside and in a bowl, mix together the mustard, avocado, tomatoes and cilantro. As you can see I didn’t use cabbage. I used salad. It worked well. 🙂

Now after you mixed it all together and added sea salt and pepper you wrap the avocado mixture in the cabbage leave. DONE!

I also tried the avocado mixture along with feta cheese in a classical wheat wrap. DELICIOUS!


So…. have you ever tried eating RAW? If so… what are your experiences? Like it or not?! Do you feel full after you ate?




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  1. i spot raw tofu on your last photograph! i am the quintessential of raw girls, so please visit my recipes soon and often! i will be creating a special title bar for my „exbulimic recipes“ tonight due to your inspiration! x

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