Let’s play!

Hey there again! 🙂

Saturday is the big day! 2011 will be over and 2012 just pops right in. And I want YOU to share your plans for 2012 with me and the people who read this blog!

How, you ask?!

Well…. please send me an Email ( maedchenmitherz@gmail.com ) and write down what you are looking forward to in 2012 or hoping to do. Please also include a picture of you and a link to your Blog.

And if possible, please send it to me right now. It’s a bit last minute (I know) but sometimes my head works slooooow!
(I hope to have your mail in my inbox by Sunday 🙂 )


Love yous!




3 Gedanken zu “Let’s play!

  1. Wow, since a big lifechanging decision is coming neare and nearer, I think I’ll pariticpate to this fun little project =) I’ll send you an e-mail!

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