New year’s resolutions.

Hello lovelies!

With New Year’s eve just around the corner I have thought of my New Year’s resolutions. Here’s what I definitely want to change, do and create in 2012!

New Year’s resolutions have become a tradition to me and I really like it. This year I decided to hang them in our christmas tree to display them until we take the tree down in January! After that I will store them in my journal.

Sooo… What are my resolutions?

1. SAVE some money.

We want to change the storage room into my craft room and my craft room will become the Mr.’s office. That also means we can finally move the computer stuff from the living room and replace it with a huuuuge dining table (raw wood!). We also want to refurbish our bathroom. We’ll need lots of money in 2012. Hum.

2. Start a HEALTHY life.

I wil be honest: I eat too much chocolate and too much candy. Like, all the time. It frustrates me and I know I have to change that. Wanna join me?! 🙂

3. Re-open the Etsy-SHOP.

I love sharing things I make and I like seeing those things in others homes… So…. Yeah, that would be fabulous. I am not sure what to sell yet. Any ideas or wishes? HELP ME! 😀


Next year I want to travel with my mom. It will be fabulous spending time with her. But I also want to take the time to travel short distance. You know, a weekend on an island nearby or stuff like that. And I would love to have my BFF (aka the Mr.) by my side.

5. Keep our house CLEAN and ORGANIZED.

Most of the time I am in total shock when friends decide to „come over in a few minutes“. That’s because our house usually is a total mess. Mostly because of me – I am the master of chaos. I need to find a way to keep it all clean and pretty. All the time. Any advices?

6. Take good (better) care of FRIENDSHIPS.

Recently I got back in contact with my best friend all over the world. I miss him pretty much and we both felt like we should talk to each other more often, send more emails, more texts… It sounds easy but it’s very hard! It’s work, people, hard but worthy work!

7. Spend more time AWAY from the interwebs.

All the internet stuff totally sucks out my energy. Not this blog, it will always bring me more energy than it could take. But I feel tired sitting there, browsing through websites, reading blogs. I feel tired taking a look at my iPhone every 10 minutes. I need to stop that, right now! But I don’t know how…. 🙂

8. Finally take SEWING LESSONS.

What more can I say?!

9. Take the lactosefree diet more SERIOUS.

Sometimes I forget I can’t eat anything that contains milk. It often comes back to haunt me. Countless Get Togethers I had to leave because I was in horrible pain. And why? Because I wanted that icecream or had to eat that soup… I suck at diets. Booh.

10. Go to the GYM more often – at least twice a week.

When I started going to the gym I went three times a week. I felt great! But now…. Well, it’s winter and I am not in the mood to work out. But I know I have to! I am challenging myself to go to the gym twice a week. Every single week of this year!

11. CREATE with passion.

It’s more of a motto for 2012. Because I already create with passion. Of course!

12. Adopt a baby KITTY.

Don’t tell the Mr.! He doesn’t want me to adopt a cute little kitty. Mostly because out „grown“ cat might get mad. I on the other hand don’t think he would mind some company. We’ll see if I win on this!!!!



And what about last year’s goals? See:

1. Change my eating habbits.

2. Work less.

3. Paint.

4. Show the people I care how much I really care.

5. Go traveling with my mom.

6. Redesign my blog.

7. Go out.

8. Style.

9. Journal.

10. Try out new crafting techniques.

Oh well… I couldn’t manage to cross them all out but I think it’s a start…


What are your New Year’s resolutions?!


Love yous,



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  1. Oooh, I’m looking forward to your new Kitty 🙂

    And I loved the balloons you sold on Etsy. Was never able to buy one, unfortunately. Promise I will if you re-open ^^

  2. hi katja,
    also ich mache mit bei: 2 (puh, die weihnachtstage waren sehr zuckerlastig), 4 (weil ich soo gerne reise) & 10 (konsequenz aus no 2)!
    wünsche dir viel glück für deine neujahrsvorsätze 🙂

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