Hello everyone and a very happy new year!!!!!

I hope you’re all having a nice and relaxed frist day of 2012 and may all your wishes come true. 🙂

I recently asked for my readers to share their new year’s resolutions and here are a few of the sweet ladies to tell you what they have planned for this fabulous year:

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In 2012 I am looking forward to 

– getting my license (I’m 25 & still don’t have it!)

– graduating from college 

– travelling (plans for an all inclusive vacation are in the makings for february) & i plan on visiting a friend in NYC in the summer

– put money each month into my savings account for the future

…that’s my list so far! I’m sure I will add to it as the year goes on…

 – Carly

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Have a great start of 2012 readers of MeadchenMitHerz, and if you want pop over on my blog, it will be quiet the first couple of days of the new year, but I will be back soon. 

Thank you Katja for this opportunity, have a great start of the year you as well, and don’t feel too obliged to follow all the new year’s resolutions, I think you will do extraordinary even without them, and feeling free of choosing everyday makes me, personally speaking, more keen to change things in my life. 

I hope to meet you maybe one day for a tea or coffee date, maybe with Vera of SeniWithLove.

 Have a nice day!



PS: Juliette, I would LOVE to meet you one day soon! So excited!!!!

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hi, from pittsburgh, pennsylvania, united states of america! 🙂  i am meeting my cousin for an early „last drink of 2011“ followed by partying from the comfort of my apartment with gwendolyn (dog) and best man friend (sir edmund).  we intend to view ‚forrest gump‘ whilst drinking luscious red pinot noir.  at midnight, we shall celebrate with dick clark, eating „the first meal“ of brown rice sushi, accompanied by sparkling white by francis ford coppola.  happy new year, lovely! x

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I love making New Year’s goal/resolution lists! Last year I had 31 goals and this year I have 25. In 2012, I plan to cook more home cooked meals and try out a new recipe once a week. I also want to make an attempt to ride in a hot air balloon and go parasailing! 

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Hi, I’m Val! 

I have not quite worked out all my personal goals yet for 2012 but a few that I want to work on creatively are:

continuing my project 52 this year. I completed last years and I loved it and want to work on it again. (p52 is taking 1 photo a week forsure)

I also have big plans to make 1 craft forsure a week. I am already a scrapbooker and crafter but I want to push myself to craft and do projects I would normally think are too hard. I have complied a list of the 52 things I want to make and will be sharing them weekly on my blog.

Thank for letting us share our goals with you!


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In 2012, I’m looking forward to my trip to Tokyo in the spring. It’ll be my third time there, but my first time with just my boyfriend. I’m so excited to go for walks, shop, play in arcades, and eat tons and tons of yummy food. I plan on taking as MANY photos as I can. ❤

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In 2012, I’m looking forward to travelling a lot. I don’t want to take one big & expensive trip, but instead visit a lot of different cities and meet my friends who are living away from me.

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I don’t usually do New Year’s Resolutions, but I already have goals for this year, so I might as well make them resolutions, too, right? 😀 The first one is that I need to learn how to drive. I know, I know, I’m 20, and I live in a state that doesn’t have as good of public transportation as it could, but I’ve just never had a chance to really learn. There’s always something in the way. But I need to learn how to drive before my husband and I can move out, and his grandparents are giving me their old car since his dad bought them a new one, so it seems like everything’s finally lining up for me! I’d prefer to have my license before the summer so I can start driving myself to the school campus for summer classes, as I’ve run out of online classes. Related to that is that I’d like for us to get our own place sometime within the next year =) I’m in no rush, but I think it’s about time! And last but not least, I am always a photographer at heart, but I’d like to put more time into it this year, especially since I should be able to get my first DSLR soon! Happy New Year everyone! ❤ 

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Hello there!

Hoping to do: I decided to not make my resolutions public but one thing is certain: this year I’ll do my best. Even if I want to give up I won’t if it’s important to me. I’ll do my best because I know this year will be tough but also so much fun! Can’t wait! Also of course I’ll be crafting a lot!

Happy New Year!


Well, that was fun!

Thank you for everyone who participated in this fun game! A cute way to start a new year. I am now off to start 2012 the way I ended 2011: Reading. HA! 🙂

Love yous,


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  1. Happy New Year Katja!! Thank you for featuring my thoughts, I loved reading the others as well. Have a great start, I wish you a beautiful year!

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