Guilty pleasures.

Hello friends!

Let me introduce you to a new feature here on my blog: Guilty Pleasures. It’s a weekly series of blog posts about my current guilty pleasure(s).

This week, my guilty pleasure is all about handmade soap.


It has been a secret wish of mine making my own soap. And now I thought: Why not?! So I ordered all the ingredients I will need to start. And now I am waiting every day for it to arrive.

I can already imagine myself creating pretty soaps and smelling the wonderful scent.


What’s your current „guilty pleasure“?




3 Gedanken zu “Guilty pleasures.

  1. Honey that’s great idea!Make sure you share tons of pic and some recipes too!
    I’d love to do my own soap but i think it’s a long procedure and i really dont want get into it lol
    Just keep us posted!
    Xoxo have fun!

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