DIY: Handmade soap balls.

Hello lovelies!

Remember when I said I wanted to try making my own soap?! I soon realized how expensive this will be. So I decided to find different ways to kind of make my own soap. Here’s a first (very fun!) way to create soap for beginners:

These soap balls will make a cute valentine’s gift, don’t you think?


I bought the scented oil and aloe vera at my favorite online craft store VBS Hobbyversand.

1. Grind 1/3 of the soap. I used an old grinder because I don’t think it’s appropriate to grind soap with the grinder you use for cheese grinding 🙂
2. Collect the grinded soap in a bowl
3. Add some lavender, scented oil and aloe vera.
4. Mix together and form a ball.  During the process of mixing I sometimes thought it won’t work. But I added some more aloe vera and it worked!

Doesn’t this look pretty? I like the rustic look of these soap balls.

I also tried adding different kinds of ingredients. Like, orange zest or some soap coloring and strawberry scent.

These soap balls smell nice and look pretty – a perfect gift! 🙂



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