A sneak peek on what’s currently going on.

Hello there!

I have had two rough weeks. Work has been kinda like hell and I don’t see the end of the line anywhere near. Sometimes I wonder if I am strong enough to take all of this. I’m not sure anymore.
I even skipped gym 3 times. :/ I came home too late to work out. And all of that even though I wanted to create a more healthy working schedule!

So here’s to hoping the next weeks will actually bring some refreshment.

But let’s put away the complaining! Since it has been a little quiet around here I thought I should show you what I am currently doing:

besides talking naps with the cat

I found out how much I like cross stitching. This is a tiny cross stitch of me. I want to stitch the Mr. too. He will be right beside me but I’ll sure show you once it’s finished.

Now I want to watch a movie with the Mr. and then go catch some sleep. Tomorrow will be for girls‘ time! Some shopping, some talking, some tea. I am really looking forward to it. 🙂

Do you have plans for this weekend?


Love yous,


9 Gedanken zu “A sneak peek on what’s currently going on.

  1. Katja, I’m sorry you’re really not liking work right now… You’re a social worker, right? I’m in high school now, but I’m planning on being a social worker. Is it really that bad? 😦

  2. Ach liebe Katja, halte noch ein bisschen durch. Es kommt irgendwann der Punkt an dem es bergauf geht & wenn man weiß wie mies es einem gehen kann, dann ist bergauf schon das schönste Gefühl der Welt. Gewolltes, gewünschtes, gutes Rauskommen.

  3. Uuuh fortunately you can take naps with the cat =) I hope you will be feeling much better soon. I’d love to see the final result of your stich!

  4. adorable! love hiding under the covers with my significant other (aka, my dog) when the bulimic tendencies surface. you are a strong girl. 🙂 cheers to you, katja. xxx

  5. sorry to hear about work. Hoping it gets better for you! That cross-stitch is cute. Can’t wait to see the finished results!

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