Make friends who share your interests or faith.



Hi there!

When I asked google „How to be happy“ – this article was the first of the results.

I read it. Most of it wasn’t new to me. Actually nothing was really new. But the last of the 8 steps caught my eye:

Make friends who share your interests or faith.

Most of my friends do in fact NOT share my interest at all. They might even think I am a bit crazy for loving knitting and sewing and for blogging and crafting most of the time. A few think what I do is great. But none of them shares my love for creative stuff.  (Ok, there’s one lovely person who is just starting to take her first steps into this creative world <3)

Why is that?!

I honestly don’t know. I am a shy person when it comes to public meet-ups or something like that and I am a little bit more „home“ in the american crafter’s scene. So that might be a reason.

But I still can’t stop thinking that sharing my love for crafting with a few (or just one) people would make me feel less alone sometimes.
And with that said I would like to ask you a question: Are you interested in sharing some blog posts of your own here from time to time? Like, once a month? Or maybe once a week 🙂 But once a month should be great for the beginning. I am talking about crafty adventures or cooking adventures or something about books or music or whatever you think the people who read this blog would love to find here!

Are you interested?! If you are – please send me an Email: and tell me about you and your blog and what kind of things you would love to blog about. Maybe we could write something together? Or create things together?!

I would love to hear from you! Definitely.


Love yous,


8 Gedanken zu “Make friends who share your interests or faith.

  1. Katja, eine großartige Idee!
    Ich finde deinen Blog großartig und ich schaue jeden Tag mal rein (naja gut, ich sitze auch den ganzen Tagam Rechner).

    Wenn du mit mir zusammenarbeiten möchtest, würde ich mich sehr freuen (obwohl mein Blog deutsch ist).

    Meine Lieblingsthemen wären dann Häkeln und Fotografie!

    xoxo. Nora.

  2. I feel ya… I don’t really have any friends that are into knitting or crocheting! For my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding we created a lot of crafts though, and I had SUCH a blast… but we haven’t really made anything else since! Maybe I should teach them to knit… hehe! 🙂

    I’d love to do some sort of collaboration with you! Check out my blog & let me know if you would be interested! & what you would like to do! I’m open to all sorts of ideas! 🙂

  3. Oh I completely understand what you’re saying! I’m often too afraid to show or even tell my friends what I’m doing behind the scenes because they are nothing like me. My ‚public‘ life is so much less passionate than my life in mij safe home, surrounded by colours that some of my friends probably don’t even know exist…
    If you’re thinking about including interior design stuff in this wonderful project you just came up with, I could email you some pictures of my house when I’m done painting & decorating? It’s gonna be so cool and so NOT like what my friends do with their houses 🙂

  4. I feel the same way. When I’m wearing something I sewed everyone compliments me but when I’m drawing, stitching or knitting everyone calls me crazy and weird so I actually stop making most of those things when I’m in my college town. (the only advantage is when I’m home I’ve lots of ideas to try). To be honest I’m scared as hell that someone finds my blog, sometimes I dream about it and I hate it. I love of sharing posts but now I’m very busy with exams so I’ve to delay for now. But I’d love to chat with you if you’re interested 🙂 And one thing I think it’d be amazing would be creating things together, crafty projects 😀

  5. Katja you exactly described how I myself feel too most of time. I usually do not even talk about my interest in crafting, photographing, cooking and baking because I am just afraid they’ll think I’m stupid. I am starting to realize it won’t bring me any friends, though:( they won’t like me more if I have no interests at all).
    If you feel alone you could send me an e-mail or we could chat, I would love that!
    I send you a big hug!


  6. katja wouldn’t it be fun if we had like a theme or quote, or subject then you show your ideas, & we share ours like your art journaling page, our art journaling pages, or outfit theme how would you wear this color or recreate this look? what do you think? i just sent you an email.

  7. I feel the same way! All of my friends find it amazing that I am creative and that I love knitting and sewing, but none of them are actually creative themselves. That makes me sad sometimes. I’m shy too and am really afraid to join a crafty group. Maybe I’ll do that, who knows when in my life :p

    I’m definitely interested in your proposition and I’ll think about it 🙂 I blog in Dutch, so people who will read my stuff here, won’t be able to understand my blog :p

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