Countdown to Valentine’s day.

Hello friends!

Only 3 more weeks until Valentine’s day. The Mr. thinks it’s just been invented to get more sales on flowers and candy. I think it’s romantic. We don’t agree. But he’ll bring me flowers anyways. I hope (HINT, HINT!!!!!).

To get you all in the right mood I will share a few Valentine’s DIYs here on my blog until V-day is here.

Here’s the first one:

These sachets would make a perfect gift for your mom or a good friend. I love giving away handmade things and I know a few people who would like to have a good smelling closet ❤

You’ll only need

And you can either use your sewing machine or stitch the sachets by hand. Both works great! For my demonstration I used green yarn so you can see.

It is very simple and self.explaining I guess 🙂

1. Fold the fabric, facing the printed side. Draw a heart on your fabric.
2. Cut out.
3. Sew both parts together, leave a small spot open so you can fill in the lavender.
4. Stuff the sachet with lavender and close it.

You can add lovely details like lace and ribbons or buttons. It’s all you choice!

These things are SO easy and SO much fun to make!

Have fun crafting!


Love yous,


8 Gedanken zu “Countdown to Valentine’s day.

  1. Hi Katja!
    I also make lavendar sachets. 🙂 Not shaped, but little bags. I’ve seen a lot of sachets in the shape of hearts..But this is far the cutest! 🙂 I also took a look at your other tuts.. You’re great! Keep up the good work!

  2. if i had any bit of patience, i’d totally be doing this!
    i hope that you’re selling on etsy!
    such a cute little business this could make.
    happy early valentine’s day. ❤

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