Candle Holder. Again.

Sometimes late night ideas turn out best. Sometimes I want to sleep and can’t because I have ideas running through my head. And I won’t get sleepy until I write them down. And even after I did write them down I am SO excited to actually create these ideas I can’t sleep either.

It’s something most of you might know 🙂 But I love feeling this way. Even though I might be very tired the next day. HA!

This was one of the late night ideas of last week:

I actually wanted to create a candle holder with white dots but I couldn’t find my white pen :/ So I chose a golden pen. And it was a good choice!

Those two supplies are the only ones you’ll need. Except for some pretty lace ribbon or whatever you want to add to spice it up a bit!

Just draw some dots on the glass candle holder, let them dry and…. TADA! Done. It only takes a minute 🙂

It will be a perfect gift for a friend who just moved into a new house or maybe for your craft room!

Easy DIYs are the most fun ones, don’t you think?!


Love yous,



5 Gedanken zu “Candle Holder. Again.

  1. Danke liebe Katja für die immer wieder neuen Ideen! Manche Sachen eignen sich wunderbar fürs Basteln mit den Kindern meiner Gruppe, einfach und doch wunderschön.

  2. cute idea katja! i love your quick and easy DIYs as those are all i currently have time for laltely! keep ‚em coming 🙂

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