DIY: jar vase

Hello there and happy Sunday!

I feel a little bit sick today and I am not sure if there’s a cold coming up. Booooh for that! But anyways. I have a cute DIY prepared for you and it involves tulips! HA!

Let’s craft this pretty vase together!

You will only need an old jar, some branches (I bought mine at a decoration store) and some twine. That’s it!

I think it is really obvious how I created this vase. I wrapped the branches around the jar with the help of the twine. It’s THAT simple! The trick is to wrap it around the branch and before you add another branch, wrap it around the whole jar.


Once you are done, add some extra loveliness with a bit of lace.

Oh! And tulips. There’s no pretty vase in this house without tulips right now.

And now place the vase on your table or maybe your sideboard and let spring come in a bit early.


Have fun crafting!



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