Countdown to Valentine’s day: The V-day clutch.

Do you and your loved one have plans for V-day? The Mr. and I always go out for dinner that day and this year is no exception. When going out I love to dress differently. You know, putting on a cute dress, wear cute shoes and spend hours in front of the mirror so he thinks I am the prettiest woman alive. And while I was thinking about what to wear that day I came up with a cute idea to make my own clutch!

And as always… I am sharing the HOW TO with you:

This pretty clutch has been made from a wooden box I had once bought. I actually wanted to turn it into a jewelry box but THIS is waaaaaaaay better!

First you have to remove the feet from under the box.

I simply used pliers to remove the feet. It required a bit of violence. I am honest 🙂 Don’t worry the nastiness – it will all be covered in lace.

Now you need to paint the box white.

After that, add the eyelets to the top of your box. Simply screw them into the wood. Make sure they are on the right side of the box as you want the lid to close where you add the eyelets.

Should look like this right now.

And now: take out your glue gun and the lace or whatever you choose to decorate the box with… and start gluing!

I folded my lace and glued layer by layer because I wanted to give my clutch a more romantic look.

Don’t worry about the eyelets on the top of your clutch. You can pull them through the lace because lace is… you know, full of holes 🙂 If you don’t use lace make sure to cut some holes to poke the eyelets through.


Now you need something to keep the clutch closed. I decided to add a pretty vintage button to the front of the clutch. Then I wrapped yarn around it and glue it on the back of the clutch with a cute felt heart to cover the glue lines.

And now you’re almost done! (Easy peasy, ha?!)

Add your chain to the eyelets.

Just like that….

And as a last step you might want to add some felt to the inside of the clutch.

AND NOW! Yay! You are done!

Happy Valentine’s day, friends!