Countdown to Valentine’s day: Valentine’s heart.

Hello lovelies!

Did you know I love giving away gift coupons for special occasions? Well I do.

And here’s a fun way of giving away these surprises:

Here’s what you will need to make these cute heart shaped envelopes:

transparent paper, heart shaped confetti (I used a heart punch and craft paper), scissors and your sewing machine

It is THAT simple:

1. Make some confetti.
2. Cut two hearts from the transparent paper. If you want to, use letter stamps to print lovely words. If you want to, add a gift coupon too. Like: „Going to the movies“ or „having dinner“….
3. Sew the hearts together to form an envelope.
4. DONE!

And then hand it to your Mr. or someone else you love on Valentine’s day!

It’s 5 minutes of work but will make your loved one SO happy! ❤




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