Things you didn’t know about me.

Well, hello there!

Since I haven’t done this in a long time I thought it was the right moment to share a few facts about me, myself and I.

1. I have a billion things on my mind at the same time. This makes me unsteady. All the time. It’s like „yeah I need to finish this paper here and after that… oh wait! I forgot to call…. Oh, there’s the file I was searching for. Ummmm….wait… what was I working on?“ Especially during my work days it drives me SO crazy!

2. The red SALE signs make me happy. Like, very happy. Like, REALLY happy! Even if I don’t need a new dress or a new pair of shoes… if it’s a SALE item I can’t really resist. Never.

3. I eat chocolate. That’s a fact. I LOVE chocolate. But it makes my tummy hurt like crazy. So actually I should skip chocolate and never eat it again. BUT I CAN’T!

4. Sometimes my thumb hurts from using my iPhone too much. What is it about iPhones that we all use them so so much and barely spend our time the way we used to do 5 years ago. But honestly: What did we do before we had an iPhone? I can’t even remember how I survived not reading emails on my phone or not using instagram. How did I survive without instagram?

5. I am the most disorganized person in the whole world. Everywhere in our house there is a huge mess because of me. I feel sorry for that but I am not really sure how to change it! I try. Trust me, I really, really try. SO HARD! But…. no success. The Mr. hates that about me. But there’s too much he loves about me so he says it’s ok as long as I at least try staying organized. 🙂

6. I love surprises. I actually always cry when someone surprises me with something good. Like chocolate cake.

7. I am always freezing. And that’s the honest truth.

8. Also I am the most insecure person I know. I am always in doubt of how my hair looks, if I am too fat, if my clothes look stupid and such. Sometimes I think it is ridiculous of me to even think that way… But I can’t stop that.

9. I wear socks in bed. Fluffy socks I knitted myself. And when I wake up I don’t wear them anymore. AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I TAKE THEM OFF DURING THE NIGHT! That is literally freaking me out!

10. I am a horrible email friend. I read emails. I mark them as unread. Then I freak out because of the many unread mails and read them. And I don’t mark them as unread again. So I forget about them. I don’t really forget about them but they get „lost“ in my inbox. Sometimes late at night I remember I wanted to send an email to someone. And then I can’t sleep. I don’t want to type that email on my iPhone because my thumb hurts. AAAAAAAAH! 🙂 Do you have any special advice on organizing emails? For when you want to reply to them later? LET ME KNOW!

Well… thank you for reading lovelies!


11 Gedanken zu “Things you didn’t know about me.

  1. this is an odd thing to say but… my friend puts socks on her hands so she doesn’t lose them… but then they’re never on her feet! anyways, awesome crafts! i’m quite jealous I can’t do that like you can! You are also very pretty! in your free time, you can see the start of my blog! ut’s not much but… ya know.

  2. I also wear socks at night! And they always get lost in my bed too ^^ At the end of the week I have so many pairs in my bed, haha!

  3. Why don’t you stick emails you want to reply to in a special folder? Then they don’t show up as unread but you always know where they are even if you read them again. Just just need to get used to regularily looking into it and answering a few.

  4. Das Bild von dir ist soo so schön!

    Sehr sympathisch, deine Punkte. Ich erkenn mich in so vielem wieder, vor allem bei der Unordnung und Unsicherheit…. Meine Mutter hat mir immer eingetrichtert, dass mich nie jemand heiratet bei meinem Chaos 😀

  5. I recognize most of the things you wrote in myself (except for that what for you is chocolate for me is bread) – we should totally meet sometimes and be shy together =)

  6. Der erste Punkt hört sich an als würdest du über mich reden. Fehlt nur noch igend eine tollpatschigkeit die passiert. Mir fellt eigentlich minimum 4 mal am Tag was aus der Hand…nd wenns die Gabel beim essen ist…..einfach so….noch dazu diese verrückte Art des durcheinander seins ^^ ist schon echt schrecklich manchmal.

    Die Sache mit den Emails muss ich auch noch raus kriegen….eigentlich generell alles was das „in touch“ bleiben anbelangt….ich bin ne furchtbare „fern“Freundin was das angeht 😦

  7. For the email-problem: I guess, it would be good, if you take a half hour or an hour a day/week to work off your unread emails. You don’t have to do it regularly, but it helps if you do it consciously and try not to think about all the other points on your to-do-list 😉

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