Katha & Katja: inspired.

I am happy to announce a very cute feature here on my lovely blog! The great Katha and I teamed up to share DIY ideas and recipes that inspire you and us!

The basic idea is to pick materials we both use for crafts and see what the other comes up with! The first „challenge“ was v-day inspired so we chose

PACKING PAPER and FELT to work with.


Curious about what we made?! Look:



So you found something cute for your special someone for Valentine’s day – yay! I’m sure he or she will get even more excited if you wrap it up this pretty.

Here’s what you’ll need:


packing paper

sheets of felt in different colours


needle & thread

It’s really simple.

1. Cut out little hearts from the felt.

2. Sew the hearts together.

3. Wrap your gifts in packing paper.

4. Decorate them with the little felt heart garlands.


There you have it – a cheap, simple and oh so pretty way to wrap up your gifts!




Valentine’s day for me is all about flours and when I found this gorgeous tutorial online I knew what I wanted to create for our challenge: A Flower bouquet!

You will need packing paper, clay, felt, wire and crepe paper (to wrap around the „stems“ of wire).

First, create the flowers as explained in the tutorial linked above.

And now, cut hearts from your felt.

Make sure to leave a piece of felt at the bottom of your heart. That’s where you glue it to the wire. Now, sew around the outlines of your hearts and remember to leave the bottom open. Stuff it with fibre fill.

Put hot glue on the long open part and attach the wire.

Form a bouquet and wrap the crepe paper around the „stem“. You may also want to add a cute ribbon that matches the whole colour scheme.

And now you’ll be done. HA!

Such a pretty valentine’s decoration!

So… did you join us? If you did – please leave a link to your work! We would LOVE to see what you created from felt and packing paper!


Love yous,


Katha & Katja


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  1. Tolle Idee. Und tolle Umsetzung. Ich bin begeistert und freue mich schon auf neue DIY Ideen von euch beiden!!
    Viele Grüße

  2. Ich antwort dir mal eben schnell hier.
    Danke für deinen Kommi.
    Bin echt begeistert von deinem Blog und freu mich umso mehr, dass du mir auch nen Kommi hinterlässt.

    Die Tribute von Panem hab ich schon gelesen, aber du hast recht die gehören als gelesen eigentlich dazu!


  3. Ich liebe eure Blogs und folge dir schon ziemlich lange.
    Ihr beide seit echt inspirierend.
    Danke für die tollen Posts.

    Besuch mich doch mal auf meinem Blog.

    Cremedose (aka Kim)

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