Countdown to Valentine’s day: chalkboard necklace

Hello friends!

Tomorrow will be the big V-day and that makes me very crafty. I wanted to share another Lovers inspired DIY today:

The Chalkboard necklace.

It is – as usual – a quick and easy DIY. You will need:

I bought the wooden charm (I don’t even know if they are really charms ^^) at a craft store. Just thought you should know!

I think it is pretty obvious how this necklace was built but here are the details:

1. Attach the eyelet to the necklace.
2. Paint the wooden charm with chalkboard paint. One coat of paint should be enough.
3. After it is all dry, attach the silver necklace and
4. start writing on your new chalkboard charm!


So easy, right?


Have fun crafting, sweethearts!




11 Gedanken zu “Countdown to Valentine’s day: chalkboard necklace

  1. Oh wie wunderhübsch!

    Woher hast du denn die Farbe? Ah, und ich wollte dich eh noch fragen, was du als Mod Podge nimmst… oder kann man das hier irgendwo kaufen?

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