Adventures in sewing.


Lately I have been obsessed with sewing clothes. I am not the natural born sewer so this is quite the learing process for me. But I am slowly working it 🙂

For the dress and blouse I used simple fabrics that are actually for decoration purposes. So they are a bit sturdy. But I want to buy clothes fabrics and sew both of them again.

Well, first have a look:

Maybe I’ll make the next dress a bit shorter…

But somehow it looks more „retro“ like this. 🙂 Don’t you think?

For the blouse I used the same „pattern“ but without the dress-part. You know… shorter 🙂

I think with a softer fabric this blouse would look fabulous!

But I have to admit: I LOVE THE OWL PRINT!!!!!

Sooooo…. are you good with that sewing-thing?! I am still learning and trying to teach myself. Any book or website recommendations?

Love yous!


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  1. The owl fabric is so adorable. One of my goals right now is to conquer my fear of my sewing machine. So far I’ve made a pillow out of a t-shirt, but I want to start making clothing.

  2. I love your dress and that blouse looks lovely. I want to try and sew my own clothes for quite some time now. I’m trying to learn sewing through tutorials that I find around internet so I consider myself far from being a sewer yet. Keep up the good work! I should give it a try too. 🙂

  3. I loooove the blouse! You did a great job 🙂

    I would love to sew more, and learn it better. But I’m not at home that often, so I don’t have a lot of time to do it. And I don’t have a sewing machine in my studio yet…

  4. Love the blouse!! I would definitely wear it! You should think about selling something like it at etsy or Dawanda!! I would buy one 🙂

  5. Hi! I just love the t-shirt! I’m a big fan of yours, I must say. I want to try almost every DIY and craft! Where did you buy the fabric for the t-shirt? Online?

  6. Beides wirklich richtig schön!! Steht dir super und vor allem der Eulenstoff gefällt mir,
    Und wenn man sich die Fotos so anschaut, sieht man gar nicht, dass der Stoff „sturdy“ ist (komisch, wenn ich was in englisch lese, fällt mir manchmal nicht das deutsche Wort ein 🙂 ).
    Lieber Gruß

  7. Beide Teile sind echt schön geworden! Ich finde auch die Länge vom Kleid gerade richtig. Hast du den Schnitt selbst entworfen oder eine Vorlage verwendet?
    Lieben Gruß, Katinka

  8. I looove these dresses. You are right about the length.. I like dresses this long but I feel as if they are meant for people older than me, like in their 40s. I think you will get better every time, these are already great!

  9. katja, i like what you made. the dress & blouse are wonderfully you! 🙂 i’m terrible at sewing, in fact i’m thinking i’m going to give my sewing machine to my mother. she told me she needs a new one. she’s been sewing long before i was born. i never use my machine, for i don’t have the patience.

  10. Ach beide Teile sind wirklich schön.. und die hast du ganz ohne Schnitt hinbekommen?! Respekt 😉 Ich habe mal in unserer Stadtbibliothek ein Schnäppchen gemacht und einen ganzen Jahressatz Burdas für wenig Geld kaufen können. Nach den Schnitten hab ich dann auch schon ein paar Kleidungsstücke genäht…. Und der Eulendruck ist wirklich niedlich!
    Lg Laura

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