2 more weeks…

… and I will be 28. (March 5 2012)


And…. I don’t know what to wish for. That’s always the big problem. I don’t know what I want and after my birthday (or after christmas!) I find the perfect gift ideas. Great.

So help me and tell me what you are currently wishing for! (Could be anything – from clothes to books to shoes or bikes)


10 Gedanken zu “2 more weeks…

  1. I think everybody has this „problem“, I always think that I have everything I could wish for and then I come across the best things right after my birthday. This is my wishlist,http://pinterest.com/JulyRoby/wishlist/ of course these are things you don’t find in shops, but I really love them. Especially the hanging plant for the bike, I’d loooooove to own it. Of course a girl cannot have enough clother or make up.

  2. a record player, books, records, a new purse, an iphone sleeve. Unfortunately, my birthday is already over, so I have to buy these things myself…

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