Adventures in sewing: Skirts.

Hello friends!

My (borrowed) sewing machine and I have a kinda love thing going on these days. I have been soooo afraid of sewing clothes I didn’t even allowed me to imagine I could ever pull that whole thing off! But I am actually getting better with every little thing I sew.

So today I would love to share two skirts I made!

This skirt was pretty easy. It is made of stretchy fabric (with a pretty pretty print, right?) and I only added an elastic ribbon to the waistline. SO easy and SO beautiful. Also it looks cute with a simple shirt or blouse and a cute pair of tights.

And for this skirt I used the same fabric I have been using for the last dress I made. It’s the cutest! (Oh, and I was stupid enough to use it upside down ^^)

Oh it’s so lovely. It even has a zipper. And yes, I used a pattern. It’s from this book which I highly recommend! I used the „basic“ pattern but didn’t follow the instructions completely. I still like to turn things into „my“ kind of style.

Sooooo… what do you think? Have you been sewing anything lately?

(Oh, and did you see that chalkboard in the back?! I used a dinner tray and added a coat of chalkboard paint. And Washi Tape. So simple but so cute!)

Love yous!


11 Gedanken zu “Adventures in sewing: Skirts.

  1. The first skirt is super adorable and kind of looks like super tight aztec looking skirts at like forever21 or Urban Outfitters but way more adorable and wearable. Where did you buy the fabric for it? I would like to get into sewing but I am so afraid of my sewing machine for some reason.

  2. Wunderschön!
    Das macht mir Mut mich auch mal an meine Nähmaschine zu trauen.
    Werde mir den Buchtipp mal anschauen. Hast du sonst noch Tipps für die ersten Schritte?
    Woher beziehst du den Stoff?

  3. Ich mag deine Frisur bei den Fotos vom zweiten Rock total gerne! Toupierst du die Haare leicht an und steckst sie dann zusammen oder wie hast du das gemacht?

    Liebe Grüße

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