Where I buy craft supplies…

Hi there!

I often get asked where I buy the fabric and other materials I use for my crafts. Well, besides buying them at the craft- or fabricstore around the corner I love to buy materials online. Here are my favorite  (german) Onlinestores:


You can buy any craft supply possible there and it’s not even expensive! Also they have a sweet little fabrics section. They ship really fast and the boxes they use for shipping can be used for storage.


I love buying fabrics there! They provide a huge assortment of fabrics. Also the pricing is fine and sometimes items are on sale. You can buy other craft supplies there too.


Guess you all know that shop…. Searching for the retro apple-and-pear fabric? HERE it is! 🙂


If you are searching for some special craft supplies… this is your choice of a shop!


Oh well – you all might know that. The IKEA fabric section is GREAT!

Do you have any favorite Onlineshops to buy craft supplies? Feel free to share them with us ❤



2 Gedanken zu “Where I buy craft supplies…

  1. cool 🙂 this is quite helpful! now that i live in berlin, i quite miss stores like „micheals“ in america. it is one giant store just full of craft supplies. it seems a bit harder to find stores like that here, but being able to buy off the web is always great too!

    ❤ rae


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