Guest Post: DIY Birthday Bagde

Todays‘ Guest Post includes the lovely Mareike and her little baby girl! We both „met“ a while ago and I love how after the birth her blog turned into DIY wonderland…. I guess being a mom must be very inspiring! So when she volunteered to host a guest DIY here on my tiny blog I was amazed by the idea of making it baby-themed! So thank you Mareike for being so kind to fulfill my dream ❤ (AND PS: this cute baby girl makes me want to have one of my own!!! 🙂 )

My name is Mareike and I’m 26 years old. Together with my husband and my little babygirl I’m living in Berlin. We are deeply in love with everything handmade, vintage, music, food and babystuff. That’s what my blog „monkey loves robot“ is about.

Becoming a mother is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me and I’m still thrilled every single day that this tiny little girl belongs to me. So every month we celebrate her birthday and think about the day that totally changed our lives.

For her 3-month-birthday I made her a special outfit so everybody can see how old she is. I sew the badge on her cloths but if you have an older child you can use a pin.

Here is what you need:

First make two circle patterns with the paper in two different sizes and use them to cut out the fabrics. Then cut out the number and slice the bias tape to get two short ribbons.

Next: Sew the number on the little circle.

And then the little circle on the big one.

If you want to sew it on the clothes of your child use pins to adjust the right position and don’t forget to put the ribbons under the badge.

Then just sew it on the shirt or body and you are ready. Yay!

Time to celebrate and cuddle the little one in this cute outfit!


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  1. Supersüss ❤ & der dazugehörige Blog ist wunderschön! Danke für die Inspiration & den Link! :]

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