Last week…

I have created a mess in my craft room.

Actually I feel like I always and forever create a mess there. But who cares? It’s my very private place so I am free to make it a mess. HA!

I made a bag.

Now you know what messes are for, right?

I read a lot.

Currently I am reading Shiver (in German Nach dem Sommer ) by Maggie Stiefvater. All I can say… I am definitely going to read ALL three books of the trilogy. Totally love it!

I also brought home some tulips.

Tulips are my fave ❤

I baked  delicious rolls.

They are a perfect afternoon tea snack.

I kept sewing and sewing and sewing and made a cute coin purse.


So this week has already been pretty exciting.

And the following week will be even more great! On Monday I will turn 28. From Wednesday my „one week off of work“ will start. I will spend time with friends and my parents will come visit us! I haven’t seen them since christmas so this makes me really happy!


How about you? What did your week look like and what are you looking for these days?




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