Turn a simple bag into a pretty one.

Hello friends!

Wow! Already Saturday. Can you believe it? I am a little bit excited for my birthday on Monday (eeeek! I am turning 28. 2-8!) and did some serious baking with the help of the Mr. today! He’s the best ❤

But anyways. I have been thinking of a DIY I could share with you and making a bag you already own (or buy for 1 $ at a craft store) really cute seems like a good idea.

You will need: A linen bag, some leftover fabric and some lace (or ribbon) to decorate it all. You can stitch this by hand or use your sewing machine.

First, cut your fabric to match the part of the bag you want to „cover“. Please leave 1.5 cm seam allowance. Then fold the seams.

Use some pins to hold it all in place and start sewing!

Yep. It’s THAT easy!

I added some lace to the bottom of the bag as well as a cute lace bow.

This is a 5minute craft to spice up your tote bags or simple grocery store bags. I am using mine to carry my journal and some yarn. HA!



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