What’s in my make up bag?

Hello lovelies!

I’ve done several „What’s in my bag“ posts in the past but I’ve never ever shared what’s in my make up bag. Well… there’s nothing special but look:

I am using

L’Oréal Mat Morphose Liquid Make Up
Manhattan Powder Blush (in Peach)
Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream (I’ve only used it once but I love that colour and the way it feels on my lips!)
Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil
Manhattan Eyeliner (Japanese Ink!) (the best I’ve ever had!!!!)
Catrice Eyebrow Pencil
Maybelline Jade Illegal Length Mascara
A brush from H&M

Except for the lipcream, eye pencil and eyeliner I use everything every single day. Quite the routine going on 🙂

Do you have any favorite beauty products?



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  1. hi!

    yeah, i made it myself. it’s pretty easy – i crocheted a few granny squares and then i started sewing them together. i guess i’ll make a diy of that soon. ❤

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