Let’s be honest: Thoughts on working fulltime and blogging

Sometimes I feel like I am living in two different worlds. I have my „working“-world where I need to be very responsable and trustworthy and most of all very serious. On the other hand I am the nerdy kind of „girl“ who likes (read: LOVES) blogging and the web and cute dresses with peter pan collars.

Sometimes people ask me how I manage to run this blog and work 40 hours a week at the same time. (Not to forget about keeping the house clean, fridge filled and cat and Mr. cuddled! 🙂 )

Well…. There are some thoughts on that I would love to share.

1. Love what you write about.

Most of my blog posts are about DIY ideas or things I made with my own two hands. That’s what I love. Sometimes (like now) they are more focused on sewing, sometimes it’s more about digital art or jewelry making or knitting. But it’s always about handmade stuff. This way I don’t need to spend HOURS thinking of a appropriate blog post theme.


2. Schedule.

That’s THE big secret, lovelies! I schedule my posts. Mostly I write blog posts on Saturday or Sunday and schedule them to show up the following week. I plan my blogposts in a little notebook I carry around with me. Also I do use Quick Note for my laptop to collect links of pretty blog posts I find remarkable.


3. Reserve time. Like a busy doctor.

There are time the Mr. would hear me say „I can’t do that right now – I am working!“ – and with working I mean blogging. I reserve some time of the week and try to stick to my plans.


4. Stay inspired. Read other blogs.

I love reading blogs. I enjoy discovering new DIY ideas and staying inspired through other peoples‘ crafty lives. Sometimes I read a blog post about something totally different from what it inspires me to – that’s what inspiration is about, right? Turning great ideas into inspiring moments. ❤


5. Find time to do something else.

Sometimes I feel like everything I do is about my work life and my online life (aka this blog!) – but there’s so much more! Scheduling my blog posts allows me to spend my time away from the screen and hang out with friends, dance, do some sports or go out with the Mr.
I really feel like this is the most important (and most inspiring!) time in my life.

Do you work fulltime and have a blog? How do you manage to keep writing?


5 Gedanken zu “Let’s be honest: Thoughts on working fulltime and blogging

  1. That’s a great post, Katja!
    I have a full time (non-creative) job as well and sometimes I have a hard time fitting blogging into my busy schedule… I like the idea of scheduling posts (although I rarely make that happen!).

  2. oh! oh! genau die gleichen dinge mach ich auch eigentlich. vorschreiben, wenn ich weiß, dass ich da gar keine zeit habe, etc. – generell muss ich mich aber noch mehr bändigen, da ich noch immer zu viel zeit damit verbringe alle einträge ins kleinste detail zu planen.
    danke für deine tipps und das wiederinerinnerungrufen

  3. Great post! I’m a full time student & I usually just plan my posts in my head, but your idea to make notes ahead of time is brilliant!

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