DIY: 4 coasters, 4 designs.

Hello lovelies!

I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful Sunday. I spent some time sewing but it didn’t work as well as I hoped… :/ so I figured blogging would be more fun right now!

Today I want to share a super cute and easy DIY for your next houseparty:

Let’s talk about supplies:

coasters (I bought mine at a Dollar Store and they are made from cork)
white and black acrylic paint
washi tape
stamp (not pictured)
varnish / mod podge

Here are 4 different ways to make these coasters special!

(this might be my fave!)

1. Use chalkboard paint, a brush and your coaster.
2. Cover the coaster with chalkboard paint and wait until it is dry.
3. Use a piece of chalk and
4. say something sweet to your guest or invite them to have a drink!

1. Use one of your coasters (painted white and completely dry!), washi tape and black acrylic paint.
2. Apply little zig zags of washi tape to your coaster.
3. Paint the coaster black.
4. Remove washi tape and… tada! A chevron patterned coaster!

1. Use a coaster, lace and mod podge.
2. Apply the mod podge to the coaster. A really thick layer of mod podge!
3. Add the lace. Apply another layer of mod podge. Set aside and let dry. Completely! (I know it’s hard to wait but it is important!)
4. Cut off the edges and enjoy your feminine table decor ❤

1. Use a coaster (painted white), a heart-shaped stamp and stamp ink.
2. Stamp some hearts on your coaster. Let dry.
3. Give this coaster to someone you really like so he/she can smile while she drinks!
4. Enjoy all your pretty coasters!

That was easy, huh? I just love black&white at the moment. Don’t ask me why – it just seems to be the perfect color combo! I am pretty sure these coasters would also look great if you chose different colors like peach and turquoise or yellow and grey. Let me know if you created some cute coasters – leave a link or send me an Email!



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  1. Aw, these are all so perfect1 Especially the one with the lace is so cute! I’d love to try and make some.Thanks for the tutorial! 🙂

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