Things I’ve learned in 2012 so far.

2012 is already 3 months old. So what did I learn so far? Here are a few things I guess I know by now about myself or other things:

1. I love handmade. (always have, always will)

I want to be a serious online shop owner. But since I am interested in so so many things and like to create different kind of things I don’t know what I should make. Boooh!

2. I enjoy Avocado on toast.

Just add some salt & pepper and you have the perfect dinner!

3. I can SEW!

I tried so many times sewing dresses and bags and… I am getting better. Look at my latest dress:

4. I LOVE watching „New Girl“.

It seriously is the best series ever. ❤ (Besides LOST. And MAD MEN. And BIG BANG THEORY!) Do you watch it? You should!

5. Spending time with friends is important. 

I think I have mentioned it before – I am really bad with keeping relationships. But this time I won’t fail. NOPE! Actually I am doing good so far 🙂

6. I finally found out about what the cat does after we left the house!

He likes to take a nap in MY bed. Who would have guessed?

7. The Mr. is very important.

Not only to me because I love him but also because he is my entertainer when I feel sad and my biggest support. Also he is my hero. Forever.

8. I should spend more time outside. Fresh air is good!

And this world is beautiful.

9. Laughing is healing.


What have you learned so far in 2012?



4 Gedanken zu “Things I’ve learned in 2012 so far.

  1. Just sell all the things you like to make in your shop, like I do. I also love New Girl, and BIG BANG THEORY. You just became even more awesome 🙂

  2. Great list, Katja.
    I second a lot of these things – if not all. I love handmade, sewing, avocado on toast, new girl, time with friends, laughing aaand I should spent more time outside in this beautiful world, too.
    (Don’t have a cat nor a mr. so I can’t say anything about that right now =)

  3. Ich hab in Bezug auf eigene Kreationen verkaufen genau das gleiche Problem wie du, ich sehe immer etwas, das ich unbedingt ausprobieren möchte, aber meine Begeisterung für etwas anderes ist schon wieder viel schneller geweckt, als dass ich tatsächlich vernünftige Stückzahlen produzieren könnte 🙂 Ich habe mir aber überlegt, dass es vielleicht hilft, wenn ich ein neues Projekt direkt zwei oder dreimal hintereinander angehe, solange der ‚Bastelschub‘ noch anhält. Ich werde diese Strategie in der nächsten Zeit mal ausprobieren, und vielleicht hilft dir dieser Ansatz ja auch?
    Ganz liebe Grüße, Großstadtprinzesssin

  4. I should step back and make one list like this one. It’s a great idea!
    I want to be a serious online shop owner too. And I have the same problem, I’m interested in so many different things and I always create different kind of things (and usually one of a kind because I get bored to recreate them) and I don’t know what I should make. That’s a goal for 2012.
    Also I want to sew a piece of garment this year. I have sewn bags, purses and all kinds of different things but nothing wearable.
    Love your list. I wish you keep up the good work! 🙂

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